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We endorse Breean Beggs for Spokane City Council President.

I now live in Liberty Lake and cannot endorse Breean Beggs with my vote, but of course, what happens in Spokane is critical to our regional well being. Thus, I want to encourage those who can to invest your vote in Breean, a brilliant lawyer, effective leader and solid citizen. In a time of rampant political strife, Breean is the cool head in the room. He always sees the big picture and has an ever cooperative approach to problem solving and policy making. We are fortunate that someone of Breean's caliber is willing to step up and serve. Spokane! Please make sure he continues to do so. — Jennifer Ballantyne

I'm so grateful for Breean's strong work and persistence in making Spokane a better, more prosperous and more pleasant place to live and do business! — David Camp

So glad Breean has chosen to step up as a leader in our community. He is well informed, responsible, reasonable, compassionate and hard working. I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice Breean and his family are making for us and for our city. I happily offer my support! — Jarold Cartwright

I trust Breean because his a person of integrity. He will make sure that all of Spokane's citizens are taken into account by the Counsel instead of paying attention to just a few. He is concerned with making sure that there is an increased opportunity for employment, without sacrificing public safety and quality of life. He has spent his life dedicated to improving the lives of local citizens, whether that has been through helping individuals and small businesses as a lawyer or working long hours as a City Counsel Member. I believe that Breean would be an excellent City Council President, especially in this day and age. — Brandon Casey

I support Breean Beggs and smart justice! — Larry Cebula

Councilmember Beggs is an incredible public servant, and his responsiveness, creativity, and work ethic working with issues in the downtown core has been nothing short of amazing. We are lucky to have him working in our community, and his problem-solving ability and legal expertise make him an incredible asset to our city government. — Alan Chatham

I have know Breean for a long time and have always found him to be a caring and competent person who strives to do the right thing. I have no hesitation at all in recommending him for President of the Spokane City Council. — Dan Distelhorst

Breean is a leader dedicated to making Spokane a better community for all residents regardless of income or race. We need Breean as City Council President! — Rick Eichstaedt

Breean is a strong advocate for our community. He is knowledgeable and has significant experience advocating for those who often don't have a voice. He listens to both sides of an argument or issue before making a decision and when making that decision, he has Spokane's best interests in mind. He is an excellent choice to be Spokane's city council president. — Krista Elliott

I have worked with Breean on several citywide committees and have always found him to be a great listener, always willing to compromise, knowledgeable about the issues at hand, and a great leader when the need arose. I strongly support his candidacy for City Council President.

Michael Harves, Browne's Addition Neighborhood Council and PeTT Committee member.

— Michael Harves

Breean Beggs is an intelligent, empathetic, and resourceful individual. He strives to improve the lives of all Spokanites through diplomacy and the fair consideration of all parties. Breean is a man of integrity. A person you can trust. You can count on Breean to weigh the benefits and costs of any issue and make a fair-minded decision that is best for the community. Breean is an exceptional person who will make an exceptional City Council President. I wholeheartedly endorse Breean Beggs. — Dan Hayward

I endorse Breean Beggs for Spokane City Council President. I believe his ability to serve our community in a well rounded manner, focusing on issues that will help create a city we can be proud of, is of primary importance to our community. His attribute is the ability to listen to individual needs and then take action where the need can best be served. — Nancy Hill

I enthusiastically endorse Breean for City Council President. He has been an effective and honest council member. As chair of the state film commission I have always appreciated his strong support for the economic development value of film production in Spokane and the state. — Don Jensen

He is one of the smartest lawyers in Spokane. He truly cares about the people and issues and does a great job — Cynthia Jordan

I believe Breean's greatest attribute is his open mindedness...his ability to look at issues from all perspectives...and, when appropriate, change his mind. That's rare in a politician these days. — Jim Lee

I am happy to endorse Breean Beggs for President of the Spokane City Council and any other office he ever chooses to seek. - Joe McDermott King County Councilmember — Joe McDermott

Breann has a passion and interest in leading Spokane towards a more sustainable future. I have worked with him to investigate problems in Spokane's current environmental policies and look forward to working with him on implementing solutions to those problems. He recognizes the importance of taking action to protect the ecosystem and environment around our city and for that I support him. — Trenton Miller

A stellar, serious, caring and kind man. He will honor his Oath of office! ChefGus Spokane — John Olsen

I'm happy to wholeheartedly endorse Breean Beggs in the race for Spokane City Council President. He's a principled leader who works hard to do the right things for our city and its citizens and it's my pleasure to support him. — Ed. Renouard

We have known Breean Beggs for many years, both personally and professionally. He is uniquely qualified for City Council President and has our total support. Neal Q. Rielly, Retired Superior Court Judge Barbara J. Rielly, Retired Spokane Community College Instructor — Neal Rielly

Breean Begg has been a champion for Spokane in the city council. He is very intelligent, passionate about the community and deserves our vote. He would make an excellent City Council President. He is by far the best candidate in this race. — Derrick Skaug

As a long time community leader in Northeast Spokane, I wholeheartedly endorse Breean Beggs for City Council President. Breean's background, knowledge and demeanor make him the only viable candidate for this position. Breean represents a positive look forward for the City of Spokane. Breean's leadership style will benefit ALL of Spokane, not just those who are ideologically aligned with him. He will lead the City Council with the grace and wisdom that only someone with a social justice legal background can. Unlike his competitors, Breean brings people together. — Luke Tolley

I have known Breean and his great family since they arrived in Spokane . We are truly blessed to have a talented, bright and dedicated candidate who is willing to provide his skills and positive energy in service to the City of Spokane — Larry Weiser
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