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Work Accomplished for Spokane

  • Substantially increased funding for construction of new sidewalks, paving unpaved streets and other traffic calming projects throughout the city.
  • Added funding for more than 24 police officers, including Neighborhood Resource Officers to pro-actively prevent crimes.
  • Testified in Olympia to convince the legislature to begin supervising property crime offenders after their release from prison.
  • Led a successful campaign to establish independent, civilian oversight of  police actions.
  • Expanded the Multi-Family Tax Exemption to increase housing opportunities at all income levels.
  • Enacted a new ordinance to protect neighborhoods from nuisance and zombie houses.

  • Oversaw the downtown parking study and updates to the neighborhood parking rules.

  • Formed an agreement with Avista to supply 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

  • Created a water conservation ordinance that saves millions of gallons of water every year.

  • Updated Spokane's Title 18 - Freedom from Discrimination ordinance.

  • Preserved the South Hill Dog Park.

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