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I believe we are stronger together.

When I was a child, my family broke apart and was put back together with stepparents and siblings of different cultures, beliefs and races. It challenged me to become a better listener and more creative problem-solver — to find solutions that worked for everyone.

As your City Councilmember, I have led the charge to listen better to our community and solve problems together. We will always face new challenges, but I believe finding solutions that work for all of us will keep us safer and make our community stronger.

~ Breean Beggs, Spokane City Councilmember & Candidate for Council President

Vibrant Neighborhoods

We are in a moment of incredible momentum toward the vitality of our city: Revitalized neighborhood centers, a stunning new Riverfront Park, more businesses choosing Spokane and more job opportunities. Breean’s work to protect neighborhoods as we grow is at stake in this election. Special interest groups have poured tens of thousands of dollars into his opponent’s campaign — to decimate our neighborhoods for their own profit.

Streets Fixed Faster

Responding to community members’ concerns, Breean led the charge to begin paving dirt streets in neighborhoods throughout the city. As Chair of Public Works, he substantially increased funding for road construction, improvements we can see on N. Monroe and E. Sprague.

Protecting neighborhood gems

Breean fought side-by-side with neighbors to prevent an arterial through the new Garden District neighborhood in Lincoln Heights, and worked with residents to prevent the large Morningside Apartment complex that would have increased congestion in Northwest Spokane.

Sidewalks & traffic calming

Working with neighbors, Breean came up with innovative ways to slow down cars in their neighborhoods. He is also leading the charge to secure a revenue stream to repair sidewalks.

More Affordable homes

Breean worked to adjust zoning rules to increase the housing supply and drive down home prices while protecting neighborhoods.

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A Safer Spokane

Breean Beggs has devoted his entire career to making Spokane safer for everyone who lives here. He fought for justice alongside the family of Otto Zehm, and secured independent oversight for our city’s law enforcement. As your City Councilmember, he has spearheaded innovative solutions for our community’s most pressing concerns.

Solutions for Homelessness

Breean has led the charge to provide homeless individuals with the services they need to succeed: 24/7 housing, drug treatment, health care, counseling and job training.

Less Property Crime

Breean collaborated with state lawmakers to begin supervising property crime offenders after their release from prison.

Safer Police Calls

With Breean’s leadership, social workers are now deployed with police officers to de-escalate situations when police are called, keeping everyone safer.

Stronger Law Enforcement

This year, Breean helped secure funding for more than 24 police officers, including Neighborhood Resource Officers that seek to pro-actively prevent crimes, and build relationships in the community.

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I support Breean because he genuinely cares about our city and every single person who lives in it.
— Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year